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Where has the time gone?

Vanessa Trip

It is already the 21st June & The Perfect Package has not launched yet & not really ready to launch for another couple of months either. Things are a little bit delayed…not to my liking. But it has been a hectic couple of months, especially as I have been selecting products for the packages, ordering stock, trying to organise the photo shoots & trying to get The Perfect Package packaging designed to be, well….perfect. 

First of all it was quite a task to select the products in our packages, as it required a lot of research. There are so many products out on the market, that I had to try to narrow it down to select the products that I really love, have used, would buy to give someone as a gift & they had to be high quality. It was that simple, sort of. They also had to be Australian made or alternatively, Australian owned labels, which when I started to search for products, I realised that so many of the products I love are Australian!

Starting with the baby packages, I didn’t want to have too many clothes as those items can be hit or miss – but really tried to select unisex products including books, toys, basic apparel, blankets, skincare & muslin wraps. I also tried to include a few things that were nice for the mother – considering she is the one that carries the baby for 9 months (although it feels like forever) and she is the one that lacks sleep, never gets a hot cup of tea, eats whatever - whenever, showers for 1 minute when she gets the chance and puts her newborn baby first! So I chose some organic teas, skincare products, candles & biscuits that would hopefully put a smile on ‘mums’ face too. Oh & how could we forget that we add the option of champagne or sparkling wine to as many baby gift packages that we are legally allowed to….after all, a having a baby is a celebration, and what’s a celebration without champagne?

So I believe that we have put the best of the best in our baby packages, with suppliers like Pure Baby, Milk & Co, Luna Gallery, Alimrose Designs, Franjo’s Kitchen, Babu, Britt Bears, Wax Pouring Chicks, Love Tea, OB Designs, Maud N Lil, The Little Linen Co & Hardy Grant Gifts - I hope that everyone will find something they love! 

Then the focus was on the gourmet packages – which also laid down the groundwork for many products that would be included into the corporate packages as well. Whilst buying many gourmet samples and searching for a great selection of gourmet products, I realised that there are so many delicious products that are allergy friendly, wholesome & healthy. This helped me choose many of our suppliers, so that The Perfect Package could offer a range of different gourmet packages where some are even gluten free, dairy free, organic & nut free. When so many people & their children have intolerances these days – how could I possibly not go down this path?

The list of amazing suppliers that are on board include Loving Earth, Simon Johnson, Byron Bay Boards, 5 Senses, Love Tea, Nougat Limar, Boccaccio Cellars, Bon Bon Chocolates, Bahen & Co, Kookas Natural, Whisk & Pin, Wallaby Foods, So Moorish, Star Foods & Super Special Screen Printing. With this selection of suppliers, I am sure that we will be able to satisfy every ‘foodie’ out there. And again, we have decided to offer a choice of champagne or wine to as many of the gourmet packages we can, hopefully catering to suit everyone’s palate.

Whilst this was all happening (product research, tasting, sampling, buying etc) it was the actual packaging that took a while to sort out. Packaging is a serious business. It is what you see before you open the gift. When something is given to you & it is packaged beautifully, it means thought has gone into the whole gift…..from start to end. It is exciting to receive a gift that is nicely wrapped, sometimes, not even wanting to open it because of how great it looks. Presentation is everything.  

There were so many ideas & things I wanted, but when they were quoted – the prices were astronomical. I really couldn’t work out why a bit of fancy cardboard would cost so much to manufacture? Adamant to get the original design made, I spoke to many suppliers, designers, tool makers, laser cutters (the list goes on) to see who would manufacture what we envisioned. Eventually someone said they could do it, but it was not worth it as it was going to cost a fortune with no commitment from the manufacturer that it would even work out the way I wanted!

So, I then came up with another idea & changed the design & finally got the packaging to look exactly the way I wanted. Samples were done & I was so happy with the outcome, actually loving the packaging more than the initial idea. So the packaging has been ordered and due for delivery in about 8 weeks.

The next thing on our ‘to do’ list is the photoshoot of all the actual packages, booked in for the end of this week, then the aim is to launch the site by the end of August/first week of September. Fingers Crossed...


My first post

Vanessa Trip

So here it is….my first blog & clearly I don’t even know where to start or how to write a blog. But I have been thinking about writing one since I decided to start up my own business & after speaking to my dear friend who is setting up my website & doing all the technical behind the scenes stuff for my website to function (I will refer to her as T2) – she also encouraged me to write a blog – because other mums out there might read it & become inspired to go out & do something for themselves too.

Hopefully I can inspire at least one person & if I do – that would be great. And hopefully I don’t bore the rest of you with whatever ramblings I might have to say here. But it is my blog & I guess, I can say whatever I want really.

So, maybe a bit of background about me would be the best way to start. I am a mother to one 2.5 year old girl, Little G – she is my heart & soul & I can not imagine my life without her in it! I actually can’t even remember what my husband & I did before she came into our lives in 2012? Oh that’s right, we used to go out to nice restaurants, meet up with friends for drinks, go out at whenever & wherever we wanted, sleep in on the weekends & had a lot of fun doing ‘couple’ things. Then Little G came along & things changed. Our priorities changed & our life became all about her & not about us anymore. This sort of sounds bad, but it really is actually fantastic because she is our creation & being a mother is the greatest gift! 

I am married to A & he is wonderful (admittedly, he is your standard male who doesn’t cook, iron, clean, do grocery shopping or any other household task & can’t usually find anything even when it is clearly right in front of him) but he loves me, is caring, honest, loyal, supportive, a family man, a wonderful father & an extremely hard worker - so I am lucky & so very grateful. I have a large family who I am very close with & I previously worked in the family business for 16 years before I went on maternity leave to have Little G. I had a demanding role, working 60-70 hours a week & honestly loved it. One day I would love to go back to work for the business – but I am just not ready yet.

So in the meantime whilst I am being a mother & putting my family first – which is my top priority, I wanted to do something to fulfil me, keep me sane, get me back into the workforce, keep me motivated & set myself some challenges. When I started to think about it more & more, I decided that I wanted to set up my own business where I could work from home & be a good role model for my daughter & other children that I want to have (down the track). While these thoughts were going through my head & I was trying to think of what I could possibly do, I was honestly getting confused more & more everyday with so many thoughts & plans - but there was no idea that really excited me.

Then one day a friend of mine had her second child & although I love flowers, I wanted to send her a gift. I searched online to find something unique & beautiful for her & couldn’t find anything that I was happy to send. I ended up finding something, which was ‘nice’ but I was not completely happy with it. It was this event that sparked this idea – I could create gift hampers with beautiful special items in them for delivery – for when you want to send someone a really special gift! And that was it! I was excited & motivated & thinking about how it was all going to come together & my brain just kept ticking away. I told my husband, decided upon a business name & the rest is history.

 So here I am, with MY little project – THE PERFECT PACKAGE. I plan to be up & running by June/July 2015. I have a lot of work to do until then….but I hope to make all of your lives easier by creating unique & special gift packages for all occasions, for delivery around Australia – just for you!